Division of Plant Health and Compliance-Environmental Services FAQs

Restricted Use Pesticide Certification Training and Testing

Pesticides include insecticides, weed killers, rodent baits, fungicides, and other pesticides. Restricted use pesticides are pesticide products that may cause human injury or environmental damage, unless they are applied by a competent certified applicator. Applicators that use or supervise individuals who use Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP’s) must be certified. Pesticide applicator certification exams are administered by the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA). 

While it is required by state and federal laws for RUP applicators to be certified it is highly recommended that individuals who apply any pesticide as part of their job, including general use pesticides, to become certified.

How do I know if a pesticide is classified as restricted use?

If the pesticide product is classified as restricted use it will say so on the label. Simply look at the product label and on the top of the first page “Restricted Use” will be printed in big black letters.

Where do I buy a restricted use pesticide?

Restricted use pesticides are available only from state licensed pesticide dealerships. When you purchase a product from a licensed dealer you will be asked for your valid state issued certificate.

How do I become a certified applicator?

Applicators become certified by passing the state pesticide applicator certification exam. The exam is administered by the Nevada Department of Agriculture and can be taken, by appointment, at any Nevada Department of Agriculture office.  To schedule and pay for an exam click on this link Pesticide Exam Scheduling and Payment Portal

Exams are made up of a general test that all applicators take and at least one category exam. Category exams are based on sites and locations where pesticides are used such as right of ways, ornamental and turf sites, and agricultural cropland.  

Applicator certificates are wallet size cards that list the categories you are certified in and a certification number.

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Is training available for pesticide applicators?

Yes, the Nevada Department of Agriculture and Nevada Cooperative Extension offer training workshops that help applicators prepare for the certification exam. The exams are administered at the workshop. Workshops vary from a few hours to a full day long.

What topics are covered in a pesticide training workshop?

Workshop agendas vary, however topics covered may include an overview of pesticide laws, environmental and personal safety, protection of workers, integrated pest management, and specific pest management principals.

Do I have to study for the certification exam?

Yes, study material is available at here


The Private Certified Applicator exam covers the first 5 general knowledge chapters in the Nevada Pesticide Applicator’s Certification Workbook AND the following category chapters (a category is not required unless you are wanting to use a soil or non-soil fumigant):

  1. A-Agricultural Plant Pest Control (now includes Nursery and Greenhouse AND Chemigation Pest Control).
  2. B-Agricultural Animal Pest Control


The exam is 80 questions.

Passing grade is 70% or higher


Private Certified Applicators have the option of also becoming certified in the following categories:

  1. L2 Non-Soil Fumigation
  2. L3 Soil Fumigation

Important information regarding the Soil Fumigation Category:
For Private Applicators looking to study for the Soil Fumigation (L3) category exam, you may go to http://www.nasda.org/?ID=33324 to download and view the training material.  A few printed Soil Fumigation study manuals are available from a NDA office.

For NonPrimary Principal Commercial Applicators seeking the Soil Fumigation (L3) Category, you MUST complete an EPA approved industry sponsored soil fumigation class (fumigant specific) in order to get certified in Nevada.  Approved trainings can be found on the US EPA web site at http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/reregistration/soil_fumigants/soil-fum-handlers.html.  Proof of completion MUST be submitted at the time of application.

How long will it take me to complete the certification exam?

It depends on how many category exams you take. Most people take two or three categories in addition to the general test and if they have prepared and studied for the exams it takes them about 1 ½ hours to complete the exams.

What is the fee for testing?

The certification exam fee is $50.00. NDA office locations can accept credit cards, government P.O., cash, or check (made out to the Nevada Department of Agriculture). Remote examination locations are only able to accept government P.O., cash or checks.

Is my certificate the same as a license to do pest control for hire?

No. Certification and licensing are two entirely different things. For additional information on licensing go to the Nevada Department of Agriculture Pest Control Licensing page. 

Is my Nevada pesticide applicator certificate valid in other states and are other states certificates valid in Nevada?

No. Nevada does not have reciprocal agreements with any other state.

How long is my certificate valid?

Certificates are valid for four years from the date you passed the exam.

How do I re-certify?

In order to re-certify you have two choices:

1) Continuing Education Units (CEU’s): Applicators who accumulate 12 CEU’s in the course of the four year certification period are eligible for re-certification. Two of the units must be in state laws. There are several opportunities to attend workshops throughout the certification period for applicators to get CEU’s. You are responsible for keeping track of your CEU’s please download a copy of the Continuing Education Record Renewal Summary Form. You will receive a notice from NDA several months before your certificate expires. Submit the summary from after you receive the notice that your certificate is expiring.

2) Re-take the pesticide applicator exam: When your certificate expires simply re-take the exam by making an appointment at an NDA office

Where can I get more information on pesticide applicator certification in Nevada?

Contact Bret Allen at bret.allen@agri.nv.gov