ADL Fee Schedule and Laboratory Policy Effective 08/01/2016

Fees and Test Results

Laboratory services will be billed to the client submitting the samples, no third party billing. Test results are made available to the submitting client. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Shipped Specimen

The shipper is responsible for shipping costs as well as adherence to mailing and shipping regulations.

Turn Around Times

Turn around times refer to business days only. Turn around times are average or minimum days required for test completion.


STAT fees for procedures are $25 per test other than EIA ELISAs and are added to the listed test price.

Other Test Information

Unless indicated in the Table of Tests and Fees most tests are set up the day the samples arrive in the laboratory. Specific tests are run only on the days indicated.

Brucellosis, EIA and TB test requests must be submitted on official VS forms. The forms must bear an original signature by the submitting veterinarian.

Table of Tests and Fees

Samples should be submitted on an ADL Submission Form

State of Nevada Holiday and Laboratory Closures

Questions Regarding Fees, Tests and Policies

Please call the ADL front desk at 775-353-3709.