Shipping Nursery Stock

Shipping Nursery Stock into Nevada - Commercial Shipments

Please review Nevada and federal quarantines before shipping nursery stock into Nevada.  The following requirements apply to all commercial shipments of nursery stock entering Nevada:

  1. All shipments (each delivery) must be accompanied by an inspection certificate issued by the originating state agriculture officer (state department of agriculture or county agriculture commissioner).  California shippers: you need a "nursery stock inspection certificate for interstate shipment" issued by your county agriculture commissioner's office.

  2. If a state or federal quarantine (pdf) covers any agricultural commodities you intend to ship, a "certificate of quarantine compliance" or phytosanitary certificate is required and must accompany the shipment, with a copy left at each delivery site.  If you don't know if there are quarantines that apply to your area, contact your local agriculture official or the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

  3. Nursery stock must not be infested with pests. Shipments intercepted without the required documents or that are infested with pests will be rejected and returned to origin. Quarantined commodities shipped without required documentation are subject to seizure and destruction. Nevada businesses that accept nursery stock in violation of Nevada nursery laws are subject to enforcement action, including fines.

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    Advanced Notification for Shipments from SOD Quarantines Areas

    Advance Notification Requirement for Shipments Originating in Sudden Oak Death Quarantined and Regulated Areas:

      Send advance notification to:

      Nick Bieser, Nursery Program
      2300 E. St. Louis Ave
      Las Vegas, NV 89104
      Phone: 702-668-4569
      Cell: 702-499-2141
      Fax: 702-668-4567

        Out of Nevada/Out of the U.S.

        To request an inspection contact your nursery inspector to request an inspection. 

          Nick Bieser, Nursery Program

          2300 E. St. Louis Ave.
          Las Vegas, NV 89104
          Phone: (702) 668-4569
          Cell: (702) 499-2141 
          Fax: (702) 668-4567

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