Division of Plant Health and Compliance-Pesticide Product Registration


  • If you have questions regarding pesticide registration, please contact:
  • Allison Kosturos
  • Phone: (775) 353-3635

The Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) is responsible for the registration of pesticides in Nevada. State law requires that all pesticides be registered with NDA prior to being distributed, sold or offered for sale within the state. This includes agricultural, industrial, and homeowner products such as insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, disinfectant, rodenticides, and any other product intended to kill, repel, or mitigate a pest.

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    A non-refundable fee of $125.00 is assessed for each pesticide product registration. Product registrations expire December 31st of every calendar year, and must be renewed annually. A registrant who fails to renew by December 31st and/or offers a pesticide for sale before registering the brand of pesticide shall pay an amount equal to twice the registration fee for registering the brand of pesticide.

    We are pleased to announce our new online Pesticide Registration System. In an effort to streamline and provide a more efficient registration process, companies and individuals will now be able to submit applications and labels online. This includes renewals and initial applications. New EPA registered-linked products do not require labels to be manually uploaded.

    Our online Pesticide Registration system accepts e-checks, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover for payment. Companies that previously submitted payment by ACH can now submit payments via e-check on our online system.

    To renew online you will need your NDA assigned company ID "N" number (that was printed on your renewal notice) and your EIN number.

      Dual Products:

      In Nevada, when you register any new product and it is both a pesticide and a fertilizer, it must be registered at the same time, as both.


        All products within a Co-Pack/Kit must be registered with NDA; therefore, Co-Packs/Kits are NOT required to be registered with NDA.

          Plant-Incorporated Protectants (PIPS):

          For all PIP products there is no registration fee. However PIP products must be registered with the NDA.

            Section 25(b) Minimum Risk Pesticides:

            Minimum risk pesticides (e.g. citric acid, corn gluten, garlic, mint oil) that are exempt from Federal registration under Section 25(b) of FIFRA must be registered with the Nevada Department of Agriculture prior to distribution in Nevada.


              Devices that include a pesticide must be registered by NDA before distribution in Nevada. This would include products that may be exempt from federal (EPA) registration. If you are questioning the registration of your pest control device, you may submit product label and questions to:

                Products Currently Registered in Nevada

                State Laws and Regulations

                Restricted-Use Pesticides

                Application for dealers to sell Restricted-Use Pesticides.  If you have questions concerning registering for the sale of Restricted-Use Pesticides in the State of Nevada (NRS 586.406), please contact Antoinette Roman at (775) 353-3712, or by email at RUPDealer@agri.nv.gov