Metrology Laboratory Services

The Nevada State Department of Agriculture, Division of Measurement Standards, Metrology Laboratory, in Sparks, is recognized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for traceability of measurement standards to the national standards of mass and volume.


    Fees are $95.00 per hour, minimum charge of 2 hours, for all services performed at the metrology laboratory unless you are a Registered Service Agent (RSA) in the State of Nevada. The RSA fee is $75 per hour. The fee schedule is in accordance with Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 581.210.2(d)

      Scheduling and Turnaround Time

      Calibration services should be scheduled; the laboratory schedules one to two months in advance.
      Please contact the Nevada Metrologist at or call (775) 353-3794 to schedule a calibration service; or to ask questions regarding the laboratory capabilities. 

      The goal is a turnaround time of 5 to 14 working days depending on the number of items and complexity of the calibration. Please remember that weights must become acclimated to the laboratories ambient environmental conditions for at least 24 hours before the calibration process can begin. Under no circumstances will equipment be calibrated "while you wait".


        It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange shipment of their equipment to and from the laboratory. When sending a package to the laboratory, a filled out return shipment form shall be included. Small individual items packed into cardboard boxes should be well wrapped or protected with appropriate packaging materials. FOAM PEANUTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE due to the excessive static generated. Containers or boxes with small weights should be secured to prevent inadvertent opening during shipment. Large boxes that require special trucking must have return shipping prearranged as this service is not provided by this lab.

          Condition of Standards Submitted For Calibration

          All standards must be clean, painted if needed, and be in a serviceable condition. Cleaning and/or repair of standards by the metrology laboratory will add considerably to the cost of calibration. Under no circumstances will the metrology laboratory paint any customers weights.

          All standards must have a unique form of identification such as a serial number. If there is none, your equipment will be rejected back to you until one is provided.

          Mass-1 mass-2

          Additional guidance for preparation of weights before submittal to the Nevada Metrology Laboratory:

          •  Cast iron weights should be free of rust, loose paint and clinging debris. Excessive dirt, flaking paint and overall condition may be cause for non-acceptance or rejection.
          • Cast iron weights can be painted with a light coat of aluminum paint (silver for avoirdupois, gold for metric weights). The surface of the weights may be treated with a suitable coating in order to improve their corrosion resistance. The coating shall withstand shocks and outdoor weather conditions (ASTM E617-18, Sec. 5.4.2).
          • Occasionally, when large (500 and 1000 lb) weights require adjustment, the cavity plug is frozen due to corrosion and cannot be removed. In such a case, the weight will be rejected back to the customer for removal of the plug, at which time the weight may be resubmitted for calibration. 
          • Homemade weights that do not meet the requirements of NIST HB 105-1 will not be issued an official certificate of calibration as they are not legal for use in testing commercial scales. However, the metrologist may issue a memo to the customer stating the unofficial weight of the item.
          • Stainless steel weights may be gently wiped with an ethanol (ethyl alcohol, pure grain alcohol) dampened cloth.



          Provers and test measures cannot be tested if they have not been cleaned or are received with leaks, large dents, or badly corroded interiors.

          • 5-gallon field test measures should be cleaned internally and externally with a mild detergent. Make sure the glass gauge tube is cleaned and that the gauge scale plate is readable.
          • Large volume provers must be cleaned inside and all discharge pipes and/or hoses must be purged and cleaned. All must be rinsed.
          • Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) provers must be purged and thoroughly flushed with water prior to delivery to the laboratory.
          Please fill out the Measurement Standards, Weights and Measures Form 8-2016 form prior to bringing a large volume prover for Calibration.

          Nevada Department of Agriculture Metrology Lab Location

          Nevada Department of Agriculture Metrology Lab Location
          Metrology Lab
          2150 Frazer Ave.
          Sparks, NV 89431
          Phone: (775) 353-3794