Noxious Weed Education and Outreach Program

Noxious weed awareness is the first step in successful statewide noxious weed management and noxious weed infestation prevention. For this reason, the NDA noxious weed program commits resources and staff time specifically to increasing outreach regarding noxious weeds and the negative impacts associated with them.

    The NDA Noxious Weed Program can provide the following services:

    • General program or noxious weed presentations
    • Teacher trainings with noxious weed cirriculum and  classroom tools
    • GPS trainings/noxious weed data collection

      The NDA Noxious Weed Program can be available to participate in the following events:

      • School Educational Days (i.e. Ag in the Classroom)
      • Natural resources/noxious weed workshops
      • Annual Meetings/conferences