Approved Craft Foods Recipes

Recipes that are used by craft food operations must come from the sites listed in the pickling recipes guide. Should you prefer to use your own recipe, it would have to be approved by a process authority

Here is a list of some specific requirements concerning any recipe used:

  • The form of the item cannot be altered except to make it smaller, for example, a recipe for a whole pickle can be used to make pickle spears but a pickle spear recipe cannot be used to make a whole pickle.
  • The required water bath canning time, adjusted for altitude, cannot be shortened. Only purchased vinegar with 5 percent acidity or more is approved for any recipe.
  • The vinegar to water ratio cannot be altered except to add vinegar.
  • One or two items such as garlic cloves or a pepper may be added so long as the primary ingredient is not significantly changed.
  • The total amount of spices may be reduced but may only be increased by an amount equal to 50 percent of the total amount specified in the recipe.

Download approved pickling recipes.