Nevada's Noxious Weed Free Certification Program

The NDA Noxious Weed Free Certification Program allows producers to certify forage or gravel materials as Noxious Weed-Free. Nevada's Weed-Free Forage and Gravel certifications comply with the national standards set by the North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA).

    Program Objective

    The objective of this program is to provide a source of materials that is free of propagating plant parts from any of the plants listed as noxious on the Nevada Noxious Weed List or the NAISMA Weed List. The overall goal is to eliminate and/or drastically reduce the amount of noxious weeds that are transported and spread through forage and gravel products across and into the state of Nevada.

      Why Participate in the Program?

       The use of certified weed free materials is recommended to decrease the chance of new noxious weed infestations from establishing in new areas. As a consumer, purchasing weed-free forage or gravel materials is a smart choice to prevent new noxious weeds from invading your property and to prevent the spread of infestations to new areas.

       As a producer, producing weed-free materials is an easy step to further protect Nevada lands from noxious weed invasions. Those who participate in the Nevada Weed-Free Program by certifying their products are not only practicing good land stewardship, but also establishing themselves in a growing market across the western United States.

        Where are Certified Weed-Free Products Required to be Used?

        Certified weed-free forage and gravel materials are required on all Forest Service Land. In addition, the BLM, NDOT and other entities require these materials on a contract by contract or district by district basis. As of right now, there are no other areas where it is required but certified weed-free is always recommended.  Demand for the use of certified weed-free products is growing as the awareness of the negative impacts of noxious weeds increases. The use and production of certified weed-free products helps limit the spread of noxious weeds in Nevada and throughout the country.

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