Certified Weed Free Gravel

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Andrea Moe
Agricultural Inspector III


What is certified weed free gravel?

It is gravel, sand, rock or top soil that has been mined and provided from a pit or other source that is free of any viable plants of any of the weed species listed on either Nevada’s or the Federal Noxious Weed Lists. These pits were visually inspected to ensure compliance with the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s and North American Weed Management Association's (NAWMA) standards.

    What gravel products can be certified?

    • Sand
    • Gravel
    • Rock
    • Top Soil

      How can you get your gravel materials or piles certified?

      Contact the Nevada Department of Agriculture. The first inspection can take place during the warm seasons. If the pit is clean after the first inspection then the pit must be inspected again as determined by the state inspector. If the pit contains some weeds that needed to be addressed, then the pit may require another inspection after 60 days to ensure no propagative parts are viable within the gravel.
      Inspectors accredited by the NDA’s Plant Industry Division walk the pit before it can be certified. Inspection area includes, but is not limited to, surrounding ditches, top soil piles, gravel/sand piles, fence rows, roads, easement, rights of way, working areas, storage areas, a buffer zone surrounding the area, and the area of active mining.
      The inspector will issue a certification grading of one of the following:
      A) There are no noxious weeds from either Nevada’s or the Federal Noxious Weeds Lists present in or around the pit.
      B) If there are weeds present, they have been treated to prevent any chance of viable seeds or reproductive plant parts from being included in or transported with the road  material.

      C) Mature noxious weeds present to such an extent that viable plants and/or seeds are present and no certification is issued.

        How do you know gravel products are certified weed free?

        After a pit is inspected it passes to received certification, the producer will receive a “Certificate of Inspection” signed by the inspector. When the material is transported, the producer is required to send a copy of the “Transit Certificate” which must have an original signature from the producer. Ask for either certificate to prove the material is certified weed-free.