Nevada Brand Trivia

 Brand Trivia

The first law addressing Nevada livestock branding was in 1873 are required livestock owners with brands to register them with their county recorder.

In 1923, the Nevada legislature passed a law creating a Board of Livestock Commissioners and took over the registration of all livestock brands in the state.

The first livestock association was formed in Winnemucca, NV. in 1884. It was called the Nevada Live Stock Assoc. and the dues were $10 per year. Its mission was to protect the bonafide livestock producer. Among the charter members were several future governors of the state.

A few of the oldest recorded brands in the state were:

  1. YP connected, recorded in 1885 and still in use today by Petan Co. of Tuscarora, NV.
  2. Y hanging L connected, 1883.
  3. 101 in 1885 and still in use today.
  4. Quarter circle J which came from Wales in 1885 and still in use today. 

A number of famous people have owned ranches and brands in Nevada including:

  • Bing Crosby, who owned the PX ranch north of Elko in the late 40’s and 50’s. His registered brand was the Cross B (+B). 
  • Actor Jimmy Stewart owned the Winecup Ranch and the brand of the same description, north of Wells.
  • Hoot Gibson owned a ranch and the D4C iron (must have been a social problem).
  • Other ranch/brand owners of note include:
  • E.L. Cord, an entrepreneur who among other things built the now classic Cord automobile.
  • Max Fleischman, after whom the college of agriculture at the University of Nevada was named. 
  • Actors Rex Bell and Clara Bow, whose son Rex Bell Jr. (deceased) was the former District Attorney for Clark Co. (Las Vegas).
  • Joel McCrea, western movie star who had a ranch in Ruby Valley, Elko County.