Noxious Weed Mapping Program

The NDA continues to build this program to better serve all those involved in the fight against noxious weeds in Nevada. Maps and long-term noxious weed data records are necessary tools in order to make future informed decisions regarding the prevention and management strategies for noxious weeds across the state.

    Long-term Program Objectives:

    • Maintain and manage all noxious weed data for the state of Nevada in a working and shareable database
    • Produce statewide noxious weed maps
    • Monitor the increase and/or decrease in noxious weed infestations and spread of noxious weeds across the state
    • Monitor the success and failures of noxious weed control efforts at a statewide level
    • Provide training for landowners, CWMAs and others to collect noxious weed data within the state

      What can you do to assist the Noxious Weeds Program?

      • Stay informed and involved; just by being a part of the noxious weeds community and providing us with information regarding new weed occurrences and helping with community events you can be a huge asset to the department.
      • Take advantage of all of our services and resources!
        • Come by the office or an event and pick up a Nevada Noxious Weed Field Guide to help you with your identification knowledge!
        • Begin using EDDMapS to assist in furthering our contiguous mapping project across the state! 

        What is EDDMapS?

        • EDDMapS is an online mapping database where anyone with a free account can contribute to invasive species data collection. 
        • A user can add their findings to this website and compile reports about specific species into a collective database for the public to see after verification 
        • You can simply add GPS points to the website via the report sightings tab on the EDDMapS website
        • You can also utilize the FREE EDDMapS West smartphone app to easily add data remotely with the click of a button