Export Certification

Phytosanitary Inspections

Federal and/or state phytosanitary certificates require an inspection of product before the certificate can be issued. In addition, some commodities to some destinations may require multiple field inspections during a growing season, laboratory tests, soil analysis and completion of other testing requirements before a phytosanitary certificate can be issued. Field inspections and in-season tests cannot be conducted after the crop has been harvested, so exporters may need to plan far in advance to determine if such inspection/tests will be needed. Exporters should contact the department before a commodity is ready for shipping to determine the phytosanitary requirements for the intended destination and to arrange for an inspection.

    Determining the Kind of Inspection(s) Needed

    To determine the kind of inspection that may be needed to export your Nevada agriculture products, click here to contact the Department of Agriculture.

      Inspection Fees

      Export Certification Inspections

      The fee to inspect agricultural commodities for export is determined by regulation (NAC 587.340) and/or fees set by U.S.D.A.

      Inspection of harvested commodities ready for export:

      Inspection of crops in the field:  The fees for field inspection vary with the crop and the kind of inspection and/or testing required. Please click here to contact the person responsible for field inspections.