Export To Foreign Countries

NDA issues Federal Phytosanitary Certificates under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) section of USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).

Each shipment must be inspected and an application submitted through USDA APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine’s Phytosanitary Certificate Issuance and Tracking System (PCIT) at https://pcit.aphis.usda.gov/pcit . PCIT is a web-based certification program administered by USDA. PCIT is used to issue, store and track electronic copies of federal export certificates. Exporters use the PCIT system to submit requests for federal phytosanitary certificates. PCIT allows you to quickly create and submit applications to the Nevada Department of Agriculture for Phytosanitary Certificates for the purpose of exporting commodities.


The fee for a federal phytosanitary certificate are as follows (01/2017):

Fee Description  Cost 
USDA Fee $6.00 per certificate (paid through PCIT)
NDA Processing Fee $40.00 per certificate
Inspections $60.00 per hour and mileage (IRS rate) https://www.irs.gov/tax-professionals/standard-mileage-rates


Once the exporter has a PCIT account, applications can be submitted through PCIT directly to the Nevada Department of Agriculture. Please select the appropriate duty station from the list: Sparks, Elko or Las Vegas. If you have any questions please call 775-353-3677.


For more information about submitting an application for a federal phytosanitary certificate or foreign country’s importing requirements for Nevada-grown agricultural commodities click here and contact the Export Certification Program Manager.