Continuing Education Approved Courses

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    2021 Approved Continuing Education Classes

      2021 Status of NDA's Pesticide Re-licensing and Continuing Education Requirements

      There has been no change to the NDA's relicensing requirements or to the number of CEU’s needed to renew licenses for the upcoming year.
      Obtaining the required CEU’s is a condition of renewing the license of a company engaging in pest control per NAC 555.372 and exemptions will not be made due to COVID-19.
      While some live, classroom CEU courses have been cancelled due to COVID-19, they are still permitted and available, provided that they comply with all State and Local directives regarding Social Distancing and permitted group sizes.
      Some course providers will deliver a private in-house CEU course at your facility for your applicators. If you are interested in a course that is not available in your area, has been cancelled, or is listed as an in-house course for another company, they may be willing to host an in-house course for your team.
      Additionally, there are many online CEU Courses available; sometimes at no cost.

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          Previous Years Approved Continuing Education courses

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