Noxious Weed Grants


NDA Noxious Weed Team

The NDA noxious weed program manages multiple federal grants directed towards noxious weeds across Nevada. A wide variety of projects have been funded including educational campaigns, workshops, noxious weed control, re-vegetation efforts, mapping, and restoration projects.

Past federal sponsors include Animal, Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) ; United States Forest Service (USFS) State & Private Forestry Program; Bureau of Reclamation; and the Bureau of Land Management. In recent years the only federal funding acquired by the NDA for this program has been from the USFS State and Private Forestry Cooperative Weed Management Cost Share Grant.

    Eligible Sub-Recipients:

    The majority of funding is directed towards Cooperative Weed Management Areas (CWMAs) across the state. In general, to be eligible for funding from the NDA, a CWMA or other local organization must have a federal DUNS number, Nevada Vendor ID number, and be in good standing with the federal sponsor and state of Nevada. Additional eligibility stipulations for sub-recipients or projects may be required depending on the federal funding source. All additional eligibility requirements are posted in the request for proposal document when a notice of funding has been announced by the NDA.