alternate:: -
leaves that grow singly along a stem and are not opposite or whorled
annual:: -
a plant that completes its lifecycle in one year
auricle:: -
a small, finger-like appendage found where the blade meets the sheath in grasses
awns:: -
slender bristles, usually associated with the seed heads of grasses
axil:: -
the point where a leaf attaches to the stem
biennial:: -
a plant that completes its lifecycle in two years
boot:: -
in grasses, the stage at which the seed head has formed, causing the stem to swell, but prior to emergence from the sheath
bract:: -
a small, leaf-like structure found at the base of a flower
clasp:: -
occurs when the lobes at the bottom of a leaf wrap partially or entirely around the stem
collar:: -
the junction of the sheath and blade in grasses
compound:: -
a leaf composed of two or more leaflets
cotyledons:: -
seed leaves that appear at germination
creeping:: -
a root system that grows horizontally above or below the soil surface
crown:: -
the persistent base of a non-woody perennial plant that dies to the ground each year
fibrous:: -
a root system composed of many densely packed roots that appear similar in length and thickness
glabrous:: -
lacking hairs (smooth)
lance-shaped:: -
lanceolate; a leaf that is much longer than wide; widest near the base and tapered toward both ends
leaflet:: -
a small leaf of a compound leaf
ligule:: -
a thin membranous or hair-like appendage at the leaf collar
linear:: -
a long, narrow leaf with parallel edges
lobed:: -
a leaf edge that cuts deeply toward the base or midvein
margin:: -
the edge of a leaf
midvein:: -
the central vein of a leaf
node:: -
a place on a stem where a leaf is or has been attached
oblong:: -
a leaf that is longer than it is wide and has edges that are nearly parallel
opposite:: -
a pair of leaves that grow from the same node, directly across from each other
palmate:: -
a leaf whose lobes spread like fingers from the palm
pappus:: -
hairs, bristles, scales or awns that arise from one end of the seed of plants in sunflower family (Asteraceae)
perennial:: -
a plant that persists for three or more years or growing seasons
petiole:: -
a stalk that supports the blade of a leaf
pinnate:: -
a compound leaf with leaflets arranged on opposite sides of a common stalk
rhizome:: -
a creeping underground stem
rosette:: -
a circular cluster of leaves
sheath:: -
the lower, tubular part of a grass leaf that encloses the stem
simple:: -
a single leaf attached to a branch or stem by a leaf stem (petiole); not compound
spike:: -
the seedhead of a grass where the flowers or seeds are attached directly to a central, long, unbranched stalk
stamens:: -
stalk-like appendage(s) on a flower that rise above the petals and produce pollen
submersed:: -
growing below the water surface
taproot:: -
an enlarged, vertical main root
toothed:: -
a leaf edge that has sawtooth-like projections
whorled:: -
three or more leaves arranged in a circle at a node
wings:: -
thin, flat margins (projections of leaves) that extend outward along a stem, fruit or seed