Livestock Identification FAQs

Do I have to brand my livestock?

Although you may record a brand and brand your livestock, you do not have to brand livestock UNLESS your livestock are running on open rangelands.

How do I get a brand?

Click here to obtain the Brand Registration application form. Print, complete it and submit it with the noted application and recording fees to the Elko office of the NDA or, call our Brand Recorder at (775) 753-1360.

How do I transfer a brand?

Click here for the Brand Transfer form. Fill out the form, print it and send it to the Elko office address with the noted application and recording fees. Or, call the Brand Recorder at the Elko office, (775) 753-1360.

How do you transfer a brand when there is a death?

Please submit a certified copy of the death certificate along with the Brand Transfer Form. For any additional questions please contact Department of Agriculture (775) 753-1360.

How do I get a duplicate certificate?

Contact our Brand Recorder at (775) 753-1360.

How long are recorded brands good for?

All brands in Nevada expire at the same time every five years. There is no grace period. Currently all brands will expire December 31, 2022 and the next five year brand recording period runs 2023-2027.

When do I need a brand inspection?

Nevada Revised Statute 565 requires a brand inspection be done by a Department of Agriculture inspector before cattle or horses are transported out of a brand district or across state lines, before cattle are slaughtered, and whenever a change of ownership takes place. You may review the applicable statutes here.

How do I find phone numbers for my local brand inspectors?

Click here for brand inspector contact information, or, call the Elko Department of Agriculture office at (775) 753-1360.

Does the Brand Department have enforcement?

Yes, the Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Industry has certified agricultural police officers who may stop vehicles in enforcement of animal and plant quarantine laws, animal ownership (brand inspection) certificates, perform investigations into stolen livestock, search and seizure, and may make arrests.

What do I do if I find stray livestock?

Contact the Elko Department of Agriculture office at (775) 753-1360 or your local brand inspector.

How do I find out where the Brand District lines are?

View the Brand Inspection Districts map, call the Elko office of the NDA at (775) 753-1360, or contact your local brand inspector.

Is there any provision for movement of livestock or horses on a regular or re-occurring basis?

Yes, for cattle movement across district lines or to a livestock auction yard you may apply for a Livestock Movement Permit from the Department of Agriculture office in Elko (775) 753-1360.

Annual and Lifetime horse transportation permits are available and are honored in all western states. You may contact your local brand inspector or the Elko NDA office at (775) 753-1360 to obtain these permits. Visit the Livestock Inspection Services Fee Schedule to learn more.