Integrated Weed Management


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Integrated Weed Management (IWM) is a process of selecting and using a combination of management techiques that, together, will control a particular weed species or infestation efficiently and effectively. It is a multi-technique approach to weaken the noxious weed at hand. The tools used from IWM are species specific, site dependent, and focus on the ecology of the entire plant community. 

    Why Practice Integrated Weed Management?

    IWM is recommended because, over the long run, it should lead to greater success in meeting our management objectives. Using more than one control method creates additive effects that weaken the noxious weed and prevents the weed from establishing resistance to one control method continually being used.


      • BE INFORMED : learn how to identify Nevada's noxious weeds and report new infestations to the NDA using the Noxious Weed Complaint Form.
      • BE ON THE LOOKOUT: Periodically inspect areas near roads, waterways, wildlife corridors, or where new gravel, soil or fill materials have been brought in from elsewhere. These can be the areas where weeds first appear.
      • DO NOT SPREAD SEEDS: check clothing, pets, and tires for seeds. Use certified weed free materials.
      • MINIMIZE DISTURBANCES: soil disturbances can be a prime area for new plant invasions to occur.
      • ESTABLISH & MAINTAIN NATIVE PLANT COMMUNITIES: A healthy stance of desired vegetation will be less susceptible to invasion.

        IWM Control Techniques

        There is never a fix all solution that will always control a specific weed. The control methods used in IWM largely depend on the species at hand and the site in which it is found.

        Click on each individual control method below for more information on that technique and when it is most effective to use.

        *For control methods recommended for specific Nevada noxious weed species go to the Nevada Noxious Weed List and click on the common name of the plant you are interested in.