IWM Technique: Grazing

Definition: Targeted use of sheep, goats, or cattle to selectively overgraze noxious weeds

    When is grazing recommended?

    • The weed is palatable and non-toxic to livestock
    • The weed is early in its growth cycle and has not produced seed
    • The infestation is at a low level and widespread
    • Other control methods are not cost effective

      Limits to success:

      • Need for water, fencing and/or herding to control livestock to particular infested area
      • Need for expertise in animal husbandry on your property
      • Palatability can change throughout the season and differs depending on the livestock species used
      • Weed seeds can be spread in fur or in manure when animals are moved from one area to another if grazing is done after plants have set seed.
      • Some noxious weeds are toxic to livestock animals
      • Effectiveness declines for perennial plants that do not reproduce solely by seed