Nevada's Cooperative Weed Management Areas (CWMAs)

What is a CWMA?

CWMA stands for Cooperative Weed Management Area. A CWMA is a volunteer group of landowners, agencies and other local organizations who work together to address the issues associated with noxious weeds in their area.

The NDA Noxious Weed Program works in partnership with CWMAs to work towards successful weed control and prevention of new infestations across the state of Nevada. The NDA Noxious Weed Program supports CWMAs through grant funding, outreach, and coordination with other organizations and agencies in Nevada.

    Why Participate in CWMAs?

    Additional members and participation in CWMAs is always encouraged. Coordinated efforts for noxious weed control increase the overall effectiveness of noxious weed infestation containment and eventual eradication. In addition, by participating in CWMAs, landowners and agencies can share resources with other members who are working towards similar goals in noxious weed management.

    If you are interested in attending a CWMA meeting or event see the weed event calendar by clicking here!

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