Pest Control Fees

The following fees are established for the testing, licensing of pest control applications and companies (business) and replacement license cards.

    Examinations: Note: Exams scheduled on or after 3/14/2016

    • Initial Exam(s)
           Each initial examination (Core and each category) is $50
    •  Subsequent Exam(s)
           Each subsequent exam (Core and each category) is $35


      • $250.00 per business license.
             Note: Renewals: Effective 3/14/2016 a fee of $375.00 for the renewal of a pest control business that
             has expired will be charged. 
      • $50.00 per primary principal, principal, location principal or operator.
      • $350.00 per agent. 
      • $50.00 inactive license.

        Lost, destroyed or mutilated license cards:

        • $25.00 will be charged to issue a duplicate license.