Definition: Using chemicals that kill or injure plants

    When are herbicides recommended?

    • You have a pure stand of a single weed species and desirable non-target plants are scarce or absent
    • You have rhizomatous weed species that are unpalatable to livestock, require repeated pulling or cutting for minimal control, or are located in remote areas where other control methods are not feasible

      Limits to Success:

      • If not used properly herbicides can damage or kill non-target plants
      • It can be difficult to control small or short weeds with herbicides when they are found within taller desirable plant species.
      • Herbicides can be toxic to humans in varying degrees depending on the chemical used. It is imperative that all regulations outlined on the herbicide label are followed!
      • Certain herbicides cannot be used around or in water
      • Populations of weeds may develop herbicide resistance over time
      • Timing of application is imperative and differs depending on the weed species at hand.