NDA Good Agriculture Certification Program Overview

Good Handling Practices and Good Agricultural Practices (GHP/GAP)

The Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) and the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Service are proud to announce a new Good Handling Practices and Good Agricultural Practices (GHP/GAP) Training and Certification Cost-Share Program for food safety.

    The training portion of the program will focus on certification of food safety practices.  Participants in the class will learn how to implement and create a produce safety plan specific to their individual business or company.

      After the GHP/GAP training portion, which will help farmers either reinforce their current food safety practices or help establish a set of practices in their farming operation, a farmer can go through the audit process to be certified for one year under the GHP/GAP certification and apply for cost-share funds. The cost-share program is designed to help defray some of the costs related to a successful audit.

        Applications are accepted and approved by the Nevada Department of Agriculture on a first-come, first-served basis. Reimbursements will cover 75% of all costs associated with one successful United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) GHP/GAP audit, up to a maximum of $750. Participation in the USDA GHP/GAP audit program is completely voluntary. Costs exceeding $750 are not eligible for reimbursement. It is recommended that potential applicants apply for this funding as soon as their USDA GHP/GAP audit is approved and payment is verified. In the event of limited funds available, preference will be given to complete applications received with the earliest approval date.

          Applicants must fully complete the necessary application and be able to show verification of audit approval and payment. Qualified applicants may only receive funding for one successful audit per Federal Fiscal Year (FFY). To qualify for reimbursement, applicants must have successfully completed an approved USDA audit on or between June 1, 2013 and July 30, 2015. Reimbursements will not be given for costs associated with a failed audit.

            More and more, schools and restaurants are trying to buy locally produced fruits and vegetables to serve to students and customers. Producers doing business with these schools and restaurants need some type of safety certification to meet the terms of their contracts. Direct market farmers have an opportunity to certify and even have the cost of certification reduced through the GHP/GAP cost-share program.

              If you have questions regarding the GAP/GHP Certification or cost-share program, please contact Ashley Jeppson ajeppson@agri.nv.gov