Study Materials are listed by chapter below.

Private Applicators apply pesticides in the production of an agricultural commodity, such as farmers, ranchers, and greenhouse workers. The Private applicator exam covers information from the General Knowledge sections (Chapter 1-5) and Agriculture Plant Pests and Agriculture Animal Pests (Chapter 6 & 7). Private applicators using fumigants must take the applicable fumigation exam (Chapter 15: L2 - Non-Soil Fumigation, Chapter 16: L3 - Soil Fumigation).

Non-Private Applicators apply pesticides for purposes other than the production of agricultural commodities, such as roadway, railroad, and golf course workers. Non-private applicators must take the General Knowledge exam (Chapter 1-5) and an exam for each category they intend to certify in. 


Chapter 1: General Knowledge Pesticides and the Law

Chapter 2: General Knowledge - Guidelines for the Safe Use of Pesticides

Chapter 3: General Knowledge - Pesticide Use and the Environment

Chapter 4: General Knowledge IPM 

Chapter 5: General Knowledge - General Pest Problems 

Chapter 6: Category A - Ag Plant Pest Control
Chapter 7: Category B - Agricultural Pests
Chapter 8: Category C - Forest Pest Control

Chapter 9: Category D - Ornamental and Turf Pest Control

Chapter 10: Category E - seed treatment
Chapter 11: Category F - Aquatic Pest Control

Chapter 12: Category G - Right-of-way
Chapter 13: Category H - Industrial Institutional and Structural Pest Control

Chapter 14: Category K - Public Health
Chapter 15: Category L2 - Non Soil Fumigation

Chapter 16: Category L3 Soil Fumigation

Chapter 17: Category N - M-44 Predatory Pest Control