Unsolicited Seed Shipments

The Department of Agriculture (NDA) is working through the high volume of calls and emails regarding unsolicited seeds received that appear to be coming from China.  We appreciate your patience as we’ve been collaborating with our federal partners.  Below are instructions involving where to send seeds in addition to a questionnaire to complete that will assist with the investigation.  If you have questions and have not contacted NDA, please contact the Nevada State Plant Health Director at 702-436-2510 or alana.I.wild@usda.gov.  For those that have already reached out to NDA, we appreciate your patience as we respond to inquiries.  If you have received unsolicited seed shipments: 

  • Do not open the package
  • If the package has already been opened, do not plant the seeds, if you have already planted, instructions on how to dispose of the seeds will be provided by USDA in the near future 
  • Keep all packaging
  • Complete the questionnaire and ship with packaging to one of the addresses provided below:

APHIS-PPQ Northern Nevada office

8775 Technology Way

Reno, NV 89521

 - Or -

APHIS-PPQ Southern Nevada Office

2008 W. Sunset Rd. #120

Henderson, NV 89014