Division of Plant Health and Compliance-Seed Program Forms

When filing these forms with the Nevada Department of Agriculture, ensure that all regulatory requirements are reviewed. Standards for specific crops can be found under the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC), Chapter 587. The Nevada Department of Agriculture is the state authorized Certified Seed Agency (CSA) and is accredited to prescribe seed crops with certified designation. Please follow the instructions provided on each form and file the application prior to the due dates in order to successfully file for seed certification:

    Certified Seed Application: This is the general application that is needed when applying for certified seed. This program is subject to seasonal inspections of the seed crop. For more information on procedures for specific crops go to the certified seed procedures page.

    Garlic Seed Certification Form: The following form is used to apply for GARLIC seed certification within the state of Nevada. This program is subject to seasonal inspections of the seed crop. In addition to filing this application with the Department, the applicant must also submit an “Allium Registration Form.”

    Potato Seed Certification Form: This form will be used to apply for the certified potato seed program. This is our most intensive certification program and applicants are encouraged to read the certified seed potato procedures document. This program is subject to seasonal inspections of the seed crop.

    Allium Registration Form: This form will be used to register GARLIC and ONION fields in the state of Nevada. Annual registration of all Allium crops is mandatory per Nevada Administrative Code, Chapter 554.910. Allium crops require a yearly inspection to survey for the presence of white rot (Sclerotium cepivorum) and stem and bulb nematode (Ditylenchus dipsaci). Additionally, garlic producers who intend to produce certified seed in Nevada will need to file the supplementary “Certified Garlic Seed Application” form.

    Interstate Transfer of Seed Certificate: This form is to be used when transporting any seed out of the state of Nevada. One is required for distribution records and a copy must be submitted to the Department of Agriculture for each transfer. The driver of the truck must have this form in order to legally transport seed product out of the state.

    Phytosanitary Field Inspection Application: The following form is used to apply for a phytosanitary field inspection. These inspections are conducted on crops destined for export to a foreign country. Field inspections will be performed according to the intended importing country’s phytosanitary requirements. The applicant will need to provide a list of potential field contaminants (pests/pathogens) outlined by the country’s importation requirements. An inspection certificate will be issued describing the Department’s findings after the field inspection has occurred.

    Wildland Collected Seed Application Packet - Source ID: These packets are used when applying to collect seeds from plant species off the rangeland. These forms will assist in source-identifying the species of interest and is required when attempting to certify/test seeds gathered from the rangeland.

    Request for Seed Test Form: This form can be used to formally request a seed test be conducted on a specific seed lot. These tests are used to finalize certification of specific seed and can be used as a means to determine the purity and viability levels of seed. The state seed lab receives these and will notify the sender when the form/seed is received. The form can be filled out and added to the bag of seed product. For more information visit the seed testing portion of the website.