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    Native Seed

    The demand for locally sourced, high-quality native seed is outpacing the current capacity to produce it. The Nevada Department of Agriculture is committed to combat this problem by providing services that help to ensure quality of seed is maintained while incentivizing producers to make the switch to an alternate, water friendly crop.

    Foundation Seed Program

    The NDA’s Foundation Seed Program aims to put free native species seed into the hands of producers for increase. The program does ask that you return a small portion of your yield to ensure sustainability of the program, but you are free to use or sell the remainder of your yield. The program has also partnered with the Nevada Native Seed Partnership which is a collection of organizations and government agencies that are committed to lending technical knowledge and other aid to make sure that you are set up for the best chance of success. For a list of species available for award, application to receive seed, and helpful resources, please see the Grants/Requests for Proposals link.

    Wildland Seed Collection

    As the official Seed Certification Agency in Nevada designated by NRS 587 and NAC 587 and by the Association of Official Seed Certification Agencies (AOSCA), the NDA will provide source identified seed inspections and issue the corresponding “yellow tags.” This adds an extra level of assurance to seed purchasers that they are receiving what they expect.

    Seed collectors should complete and submit a Pre-Collection Application (1st page of the application) before you begin collecting seed. Please be sure to include accurate GPS coordinates and driving instructions. When it is time to order tags, please complete and submit the second page of the application (Site ID Log and Tag Request Form).

    All applications should be sent to Stephen Kielius at