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    Commercial Allium production throughout the state of Nevada majorly consists of two crop types: garlic and onion. Between Lyon and Douglas counties, several thousand acres of garlic and onion are commercially produced annually. Most of the garlic produced in the state is intended to be used as seed and, as such, is inspected to higher certification standards to ensure protection of the crop when planted for commercial use on the fresh market. All Allium crops produced in the state must be registered with the Department of Agriculture and are inspected pursuant to state quarantine law. In commercial agriculture, the Allium species have two major disease threats, white rot (Sclerotium cepivorum) fungus and stem & bulb nematode (Ditylenchus dipsaci). These diseases are listed as quarantined pathogens under Nevada state law and regulatory enforcement is carried out by the Department.

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    Per Nevada Revised Statute and Nevada Administrative Code, Chapter 554, a quarantine was established against both stem & bulb nematode (Ditylenchus dipsaci) and white rot fungus (Sclerotium cepivorum) in 1983. The Seed Program, in conjunction with the State’s Plant Pathology Laboratory, coordinates the registration of all commercially produced Allium crops in Nevada. Registration forms are due annually to the Department by the following date.

    Allium Crop Registration Due Dates

    Crop Type

    Due Date

    Certified Garlic Seed

    February 15th  

    Commercial Garlic

    March 30th  

    Commercial Onion

    May 1st  

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    Registration forms can be obtained on this webpage and must be submitted to the office by the mandatory dates in order to avoid any late fee penalties.

    Additionally, the program offers a voluntary service program to certify garlic seed in the state. The process entails a more rigorous inspection procedure to verify the absence of both quarantined pathogens and includes a verification of varietal purity. To apply for this service, fill out and submit the “Certified Garlic Seed Application Form”.

    Another optional service provided by the Department is a sampling inspection to field test for the presence/density of stem & bulb nematode infections. This field test includes extraction of samples from garlic fields, using a grid matrix pattern, where samples are pulled in 40-ft intervals. The samples are then analyzed in the lab to determine presence/absence of the nematode. To apply for this service, obtain a “Certified Garlic Seed Application” and complete the nematode sampling fields.

      Fee schedule for this program is as follows:
      Allium Quarantine Crop Registration: Mandatory Fees

      Mandatory Fees: Allium Quarantine Crop Registration

      Planting Type


      True Seed


      Vegetative Seed


      Voluntary Garlic Certification Services 

      Services Fees: Voluntary Garlic Certification



      Certified Seed Garlic


      Foundation Block


      Nursery Increase Block


      Optional Nematode Testing


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