Nursery Stock Dealers

List of Nursery Stock Dealers

Codes Used for Nursery Stock Dealer Business Types

Code Business Type Comments
GV Government  
GS Grocery Store Minimal seasonal sales; primarily floral.
NG Grower (wholesale) Most production takes place in the field, under shade or lath structures (compare to "CG").
RN Retail Nursery Includes retail nurseries, large home improvement stores, retail stores with significant year round sales of nursery stock, etc.
RS Retail Stores Retail establishments that carry nursery stock in limited quantities year round, or seasonally (e.g. Ace Hardware, Target, Costco, etc.).
LC Landscape Contractor  
LM Landscape Maintenance Primary business is landscape maintenance with minimal installation.
GG Greenhouse Grower Primary production in greenhouses.
BR Broker Arranges for the sale of but does not take possession of stock.
PE Peddler No business location in Nevada; also out-of-state licensed nursery selling directly to the public.
OSN Out-of-State Business Licensed in another state and sells only to licensed nursery stock dealers.
NPH Native Plant Harvester  
WS Wholesale (not a grower) Holds stock and sells wholesale, but does not grow the plants.