2019 School Garden Conference Speakers

This page will be updated as information becomes available. Please check back for updates and don't forget to register before April 5, 2019.


Michael Ismari

Michael is a science teacher at Dilworth STEM Academy. Previously he received a $30,000 grant to build a school garden at Pine Middle School. Through this experience he worked with partners, developed a garden club which were engaged in Nevada 4-H, and involved students in both the construction and maintenance of the garden. Additionally Michael worked with UNCE as the school district Garden Coordinator for a 6 month period funded by a grant and was able to start and rebirth several gardens in the district.

Mary Levy

Mary Levy has been at Mountain View Montessori since 1997. She has been the Head of School since 2003. She teaches leadership in the Adolescent Community and parent education for primary and adolescent parents. Mary serves on the AMIUSA Board of Directors.

Josie Luciano

Josie Luciano is the Garden Specialist for Mountain View Montessori. She is the co-organizer of Permaculture Northern Nevada and founder of Urban Roots. She teaches Garden & Greenhouse leadership class as well as Campus Stewardship and Science for adolescent students at Mountain View. Her background is in environmental science, environmental education, and art.

Megan Nutt

Megan Nutt is the Culinary Specialist and Facility Maintenance Coordinator at Mountain View Montessori. She oversees foodservice at the school including the cottage industry lunch program, special events, use of the Edible Schoolyard harvest, and the Culinary and Hospitality leadership group in the Adolescent Community.

Wendy Hanson Mazet

Wendy is a horticulturist with the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension with over 18 years of experience. She is a Certified Arborist with expertise in horticulture, arboriculture, noxious weeds, vegetable gardening and low water use gardening.

Adriana Marin-Herrera

Adriana is an agriculturist with the Nevada Department of Agriculture. She has a bachelor’s degree in Biology, minor in Spanish, master’s degree in Secondary Education, in addition to initiating her Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Nevada, Reno. Adriana has performed lab and field research under the supervision of Dr. Chandra at the University of Nevada’s Limnology Lab. She worked for Nevada and Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner’s offices in California, has educated farms in organic standards, and has applied food safety practices in managing a locally-sourced restaurant, Thali, with her husband. She currently works on the produce safety program, assists with the Specialty Crop Grant and helps with producer certificates.

Mountain View Montessori Culinary & Hospitality Leadership Group

Students in the Adolescent Community have the opportunity to learn culinary and hospitality skills under the direction of culinary specialist, Megan Nutt.