Preservation/Collection/Shipping Requirements for Various Groups


  • Preserve in 70% ethyl alcohol.


Best procedure is to kill live specimens in water that has been brought to a boil and removed from the heat. Then inject the body of the specimen with scorpion fluid using a very small needle. This step may be skipped on more "regular" species. Dry and place in 70% ethyl alcohol.


Preserve in 70% ethyl alcohol, collect minimum of 20 if possible, winged individuals should be collected if present, do not ship on live plant material, if damaged material is sent, send in sealed plastic bag with material wrapped in dry paper towels, label "Refrigerate on Arrival Notify Jeff Knight" HOST MUST BE FILLED IN ON THE FORM.


Collect minimum of 30 if possible, ship dry on plant material in a rigid container (larger ones may be crushed in plastic bags), if more can be collected, ship in 70% ethyl alcohol. label "Refrigerate on Arrival Notify Jeff Knight" HOST MUST BE FILLED IN ON THE FORM.


Minimum of 10, the largest are best. Before putting in 70% ethyl alcohol, fix in nearly boiling water. To do this bring water to boil, remove from heat and place larvae in water, small larvae (up to 1/2") only 5-15 seconds, medium (up to 1") 30-45 secs, larger 1-2min. Try no to over cook small larvae. Don't fix so many at once that the water cools to quickly. Remove, dry and place in ethyl alcohol.


These can all be collected and preserved in 70% ethyl alcohol. Again 10+ should be collected, it is very important to collect the largest (majors) ants in a colony, for an accurate identification. Winged ants can only be identified to sub-family.

Galls/Plant Abnormalities

Collect 10 minimum, ship dry in a rigid container to prevent crushing.

Wood or Stems with Internal Live Larvae/Specimens

Collect as much as possible in 18-24" sections. Don't get to hot or you may kill the larvae. Contact Jeff (State Entomologist) by phone at (775) 353 -3767 or via email: on how to ship these samples.


Should be collected in 70% ethyl alcohol, it is very important to collect the soldiers in this group. These have large dark heads with large mandibles. Winged termite can be accurately identified.

Flies, Bees And Wasps

After a minimum sample has been preserved in 70% ethyl alcohol. Any others should be killed in a killing jar and packed in a layering container with a duplicate sample label, The samples will then be submitted together.


Place live slugs in a large vial or small jar filled with a saturated sugar solution, seal the jar making sure there are no air bubbles. Leave overnight, remove drowned slug, place in 70% ethyl alcohol or send alive.


70% ethyl alcohol is fine make the shell is intact. Collect as many specimens as possible.


  • 70% ethyl alcohol