Nevada Agriculture and Water Educational Series

Dear Nevada Educators,

Water is a natural resource that is very important to not only you and me, but to farmers and ranchers too. They are the ones raising the food, fiber, fuels and animal feed we use every day. They want to protect this precious resource because water is an important part of their livelihood.

We know there are multiple use demands on our watersheds. Municipal water supplies (drinking, cleaning, and manufacturing), wildlife and fish habitats, ecosystem survival, and recreational usage all rely on our water supply, in addition to food and agriculture needs. Data shows that the agriculture industry is one of the highest users of water. With multiple campaigns directed to the public on how to conserve water, we wanted to share information on how Nevada farmers and ranchers are using science and technology to be good stewards of this limited resource.

The lessons and resources within this packet are aligned to educational standards and will highlight:

  • How farmers and ranchers use water.
  • Tools farmers and ranchers utilize to efficiently manage water use.
  • Highlight water management practices Nevadans may see in their daily life but be unfamiliar with what they do or why they are done.
  • Feature career opportunities in the food, agriculture, and natural resources in Nevada.
Modern agriculture includes creating and applying techniques and technologies that are sustainable. Farmers and Ranchers are stewards of natural resources and it’s important to them that their livelihood, the land they care for, and the products they produce are available for generations to come. 


Nevada Agriculture & Water educational unit:

Background: Where Does Our Water Come From? Resources to review the water cycle and how watersheds and aquifers support life in Nevada.   

Lesson 1: History of Nevada Water 

Lesson 2: Why is Water Important to Agriculture in Nevada? 

Lesson 3: Understanding the Relationship Between Snowpack and Water Supply 

Lesson 4: Irrigation 

Lesson 5: How is Agriculture Being Conservation Aware? Strategies for Safeguarding our Natural Resources 

Water & Agriculture Video Series worksheets video clips

Additional Resources