• Swainsonpea Plant 215x150

Category A Weed

Pea family (Fabaceae)

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Swainsonpea (Sphaerophysa salsula)


    • Up to 5 ft. tall and covered with short hairs


      • Pinnate-compound; leaflets are oval, opposite, 0.2-0.8 in. long, lack leaf stems (petioles) and covered with short hairs on lower surface


        • Pea-like, reddish-orange and 0.5 in. long

        • Pods are oval, bladder-like, translucent and contain many seeds; seeds remain in pods during dispersal


          • Woody, creeping root system; roots associate with nitrogen-fixing bacteria


            • Often infests roadsides, fencerows and irrigation ditches; not known to occur in Nevada

            • Perennial; reproduces by seed and creeping roots

            • Potential contaminant of alfalfa seed due to similar size, shape and weight

            • Also known as Austrian peaweed


              • Hand removal of individual plants, including roots, can limit spread of small infestations

              • Apply 2,4-D to actively growing plants