• Sulfur Cinquefoil Plant 215x150

Category A Weed

Rose family (Rosaceae)

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Sulfur cinquefoil (Potentilla recta)


    • 1-2 ft. tall, stout, covered with hairs and usually unbranched below flowers; sometimes many arise from crown


      • Alternate; palmate-compound with 5-7 leaflets; rough, hairy, 1-4 in. long with toothed edges (margins)


        • 0.5-1 in. wide, each on a short stalk; 5 pale-yellow petals with a notch at tip surround a yellow center


          • Woody taproot with short branch roots


            • Often infests rangeland, pastures, roadsides and waste areas; known to occur in Elko, Humboldt and Lyon counties

            • Perennial; reproduces by seed


              • Hand-digging individual plants can be effective for small infestations; cultivation can also be effective; mowing does NOT control established plants

              • Apply aminopyralid in the pre-bud stage; picloram to actively growing plants in spring or fall