• Crimson Fountaingrass Plant 215x150

Category A Weed

Grass family (Poaceae)

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Green fountaingrass (Pennisetum setaceum)


    • Up to 5 ft. tall; round in cross-section; grows in bunches


      • Blades are flat to v-shaped, 0.5-2 ft. long and less than 0.16 in. wide; edges (margins) have long hairs, particularly near the collar


        • Spike, 3-12 in. long and 1-2 in. wide; purplish bristles; can be droopy


          • Fibrous


            • Grows best in climates with mild winters; often infests disturbed areas such as roadsides, desert areas, washes and waste areas; known to occur in Clark County

            • Perennial; reproduces by seed

            • Can be a fire hazard

            • Ornamental; cultivars that DO NOT produce viable seed are NOT considered noxious in Nevada


              • Hand removal (including the crown) of individual plants is effective for small infestations

              • Burning is NOT effective and may cause weed density to increase

              • Apply glyphosate to actively growing plants