Plant Industry - Industrial Hemp Forms

There are multiple forms associated with Nevada Department of Agriculture's (NDA) Hemp Program. With the implementation of Nevada Senate Bill 396, the NDA is responsible for registering growers, seed producers, and handlers. There is a separate application for each category of licensure. These are as follows:

    2020 Hemp Grower Application

    You will need to file a grower’s application if you intend to grow industrial hemp with the intent to harvest the crop for biomass. Harvesting viable seed for distribution/replication will require an additional licensure.

    Industrial Hemp Seed Producer Application

    You will need to file a seed producer application if you intend on growing industrial hemp to produce viable seed for resale/distribution.

    You must be licensed as an industrial hemp grower prior to being issued a seed production license.

    Industrial Hemp Handler's Application

    You will need to file a handler’s application if you intend on receiving industrial hemp for processing into commodities, products or agricultural hemp seed.

    Examples of categories that would require a handling license: Seed conditioning, textile manufacturing, oil extraction, cosmetics, food products, animal products, etc.

    Industrial Hemp Harvest Report

    A harvest report is used by an active grower/seed producer and must be submitted to the Department of Agriculture 15 days prior to crop/seed harvest.

    Complete forms can be mailed to the following address:

    Nevada Department of Agriculture
    Attn: Industrial Hemp Program
    405 S. 21st Street
    Sparks, NV 89431

    Forms can be faxed to (775) 353-3638 or scanned and emailed to