Food & Nutrition

Food and Nutrition Division

The Food and Nutrition Division (FND) provides access to nutritious food to Nevada children, seniors, and other populations in need. It also ensures the availability of quality dairy products and promotes an economically viable business climate for Nevada dairy producers and processors.

FND provides nutrition assistance through entitlement reimbursement programs to assist local school districts and other nonprofit and for profit sponsors to ensure that children are well nourished, healthy, and ready to learn. FND also administers USDA Foods distribution programs to improve the nutritional status of children, adults and seniors in need and to assist and strengthen the American agricultural market through 100% American-grown USDA foods.  FND staff also ensures the availability of wholesome, nutritious dairy products.

The Food and Nutrition Division administers the following programs:

    Community Nutrition

    School Nutrition

    Food Safety

    • School Nutrition
    • Community Nutrition
    • Food Safety