Noxious Weed Mapping Program

Contact Information

Jamie Greer
State Noxious Weeds Coordinator


The NDA continues to build this program to better serve all those involved in the fight against noxious weeds in Nevada. Maps and long-term noxious weed data records are necessary tools in order to make future informed decisions regarding the prevention and management strategies for noxious weeds across the state.

    Long-term Program Objectives:

    • Maintain and manage all noxious weed data for the state of Nevada in a working and shareable database
    • Produce statewide noxious weed maps
    • Monitor the increase and/or decrease in noxious weed infestations and spread of noxious weeds across the state
    • Monitor the success and failures of noxious weed control efforts at a statewide level
    • Provide rental GPS units and trainings for landowners, CWMAs and others to collect noxious weed data within the state


      Please note that the maps currently on this site were created in October 2009 by the Nevada Natural Heritage Program. Up-to-date maps will replace these maps as they are developed in the near future.