2012 Official Brand Book 01

2016 Official Livestock Brand Book

During the 1975 session of the Nevada State Legislature, a 4 year recording cycle was adopted to ensure a new Official Brand Book would be published every 4 years with supplements compiled at appropriate intervals.  The next re-recording period ends December 31, 2019.  All current brands will expire unless re-recorded by that date.

This is the LAST official printed Brand Book.

Official Livestock Brand Book

Below is a PDF file containing the brands recorded in the State of Nevada. Brands are organized alphabetically by brand with numeric and characters/symbols just before the Owner Index.

Official Livestock Brand Book Sections

The PDF files below contain only the specified section of the brands recorded in the State of Nevada.  Brands are arranged alphabetically within each section.

Alphabetical Listing of Cattle & Horse Brands File Size:
A - D (3 mb)
E - J (4 mb)
K - N (3 mb)
O - T (4 mb)
U - Z (2 mb)

Alphabetical Listing of Sheep Brands File Size:
Sheep brands (1 mb)

Brand Owners Listed Alphabetically