Nevada Centennial Ranch and Farm Awards Program


The Nevada Centennial Awards Program recognizes agricultural families who have owned and operated the same land for 100 years or more. Forty-seven families have now been inducted into the program that began in 2004.

The awards program is sponsored by the Nevada Agriculture Plate funds, Farm Bureau, Agricultural Foundation, Nevada Department of Agriculture, Cattlemen’s Association and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

2014 Applications Due June 1, 2014

To qualify as a Centennial Ranch or Farm, your ranch or farm must have belonged to your family for at least 100 years, and must be a working ranch or farm with a minimum of 160 acres, or if less than 160 acres, must have gross yearly sales of at least $1,000.

Download the application here:

Applications are due by June 1, 2014 to the Nevada Department of Agriculture, 405 S. 21st Street, Sparks, NV 89431.

2013 Nevada Centennial Award Ceremony

2013 Recipient: Martin Family (1887)

The Martin Ranch was established in 1887 by James and Agnes Morrison in Antelope Valley in 1887. They raised four children who helped on the ranch and eventually went on to establish their own ranches. Their daughter Elizabeth graduated from Eureka County High School in 1907 and homesteaded in Copenhagen Canyon, about 13 miles from the home ranch. When James died in 1908, Elizabeth would ride to the home ranch every day to help her mother until Agnes died in 1921. Elizabeth married George Englebright in 1912 and they had three children while running both ranches. Elizabeth divorced Englebright and married William Martin in 1923, adding two more children to the family. Before her death in 1979 at the age of 92, Elizabeth had been honored as the Eureka County Centennial Queen and was recognized as a member of the Early Day Nevada Families during Nevada’s centennial celebration in Carson City. According to Elizabeth’s granddaughter Vickie Buchanan, Elizabeth always said she had lived in the greatest era in time, going from the horse and buggy days to seeing a man walk on the moon. “She was a true pioneer, a ranching woman who did what needed to be done to keep her business going,” said Buchanan. Today, the Martin Ranches cover about 800 acres and lease about 40,000 acres of public land.

2013 Recipient: Manha Family (1912)

Antone (Tony) Manha immigrated to Mason Valley in 1901 from the Azores, a group of Portuguese Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Mason Valley attracted many of the islanders who wanted to farm, including Tony’s brother Jose and eventually 10 more brothers and sisters. Each found a place to work as a laborer for room and board and to earn a few dollars to send to the remaining family members in the Azores.

Tony worked for Manuel Bettencourt whose family had immigrated from the Azores before the Manhas. He met and married Bettencourt’s daughter, Virginia, in January 1909. By December 1909, Tony was able to lease the “Poor Farm” from Lyon County. He raised and milked dairy cows, raised hay, and planted gardens. Two more brothers immigrated to help on the farm and in January 1912, Tony was able to purchase the farm from W. Melarkey. They had two children: Agnes Marie born Dec. 15, 1909, and Joseph William born March 27, 1912. When Tony passed away in 1933, Joseph took over the operations. He married Josephine Borsini in 1939 and they had twins William (Bill) David and Marjorie Ann in April 1940.

Josephine was a vital part of the farm. She helped milk 100 cows twice a day, and cleaned the barn and equipment to maintain their high cleanliness rating from the state health inspector. She planted a huge vegetable garden, an orchard and flowers, and raised chickens. When Joseph passed away in 1980, Bill took over the major workload on the farm. Bill and his wife Lorraine continue to manage the farm which is leased in part to John Thompson who raises alfalfa and, in part, to Christopher Ranches, LLC, of Gilroy, California, who raises premium garlic. According to Lorraine, you can still see Josephine’s old wild roses that bloom near the house.

Past Winners

2013 Recipients
Martin Ranch, Eureka and Nye Counties (1887)
Manha Farm, Lyon County (1912) 

2012 Recipients
Day-Annett-Costa Ranch, Lyon County (1905)
Lytle Ranches, Lincoln County (1865) 

2011 Recipients
Robert Getto Farm, Churchill County (1911)
Getto Farms, Churchill County (1911) 

2010 Recipients
Anker Ranch, Pershing County (1877)
Anker Ranch, Inc., Pershing County (1877)
Ankers, Inc., Pershing County (1877)
Quilici Ranch, Lyon County (1881)
Skip’s Place, Churchill County (1907)
Lawrence Ranch, Churchill County (1908) 

2009 Recipients
Bradshaw “End of the Rainbow” Ranch, Lincoln County (1873)
Bailey Ranch, Eureka County (1875)
Testolin Ranch, Churchill County (1907)
Ranch No. 1 (Trimmer/Giovacchini), Douglas County (1909)
Perfecta Vista Ranches-Mathewson Ranch, Churchill County (1909) 

2008 Recipients
Kallenbach-Ormachea-Sherman Ranch, Churchill County (1908) 

2006 Recipients
The Capurro Brothers, Sparks, Washoe County (1869)
Duval Ranching Company, Ruby Valley, Elko County (1870) 

2005 Recipients
Blue Eagle Ranch, Tonopah, Nye County (1895)
Bunker Farm, Bunkerville, Clark County (1901)
Ferraro Cattle Company, Paradise Valley, Humboldt County (1902)
Green Springs Ranch, Duckwater, White Pine County (~1899)
Heise Family Ranch, Gardnerville, Douglas County (1902)
Krenka Ranch, Ruby Valley, Elko County (1865-1870)
Laura Springs Ranch, Gardnerville, Douglas County (1863)
Snyder Livestock Company, Yerington, Lyon County (1887)
Riordan Ranch, Jiggs, Elko County (1900)
Stodieck Farm, Minden, Douglas County (1868)
Wilkinson Little Meadow Ranch, McDermitt, Humboldt County (1900) 

2004 Recipients
Andersen Home Ranch, Carson City (1880’s)
Buckle D Ranch, Ruby Valley, Elko County(1889)
Calcutta Ranch, Vya, Washoe County (1885)
Capurro-Durkee Ranch, Reno, Washoe County (1890)
Cushman-Corkill Ranch, Fallon, Churchill County (1860)
Dalton Ranch, Clover Valley, Elko County (1892)
Glaser Land and Livestock, Halleck, Elko County (1883)
Heinz Ranch, Reno, Washoe County (1885)
Henningsen Family Ranch, Gardnerville, Douglas County (1878)
Hussman Land and Livestock, Gardnerville, Douglas County (1872)
Mack Land and Cattle, Minden, Douglas County (1860’s)
Overland Land and Livestock, Ruby Valley, Elko County (1873)
Pinson Ranch, Golconda, Humboldt County (1884)
Prunty Family Ranch, Mountain City, Elko County (1894)
Scossa Ranch, Gardnerville, Douglas County (1872)
Stewart’s Ninety-Six Ranch, Paradise Valley, Humboldt County (1864)