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The Nevada Department of Agriculture is the responsible entity for providing support to industrial hemp pilot programs in the state. The Department will ensure that all seasonal trials abide by the standards set forth in SB 305, and the statutory obligations set forth thereafter. The following information details necessary requirements that are to be followed by any program applicant:


    a. That any information obtained by the Department may be publicly disclosed and provided to law enforcement agencies without further notice to the applicant/registrant.
    b. That the Department may inspect and sample as the Department deems necessary and will have unrestricted access to all plant parts used for cultivation or in storage.
    c. The producer will provide a current law enforcement background check.
    d. The applicant cannot have any variant of a criminal record related to possession, production, sale, or distribution of a controlled substance within 10 years of the date of application.
    e. The applicant will provide a current law enforcement background check.
    f. Intended research purposes must fit approval by Department personnel prior to clearance for production.
    g. A complete application form must be submitted to the Department prior to any industrial hemp cultivation occurring.

      Seed Purchasing and Transfers

      Industrial Hemp seed is a controlled substance and there are special requirement imposed by the federal government associated with its handling. The Department of Agriculture is a designated entity that has federal authorization to import and distribute industrial hemp seed to producers for research and development purposes. This means that there is a developed protocol exclusive to the ordering process of industrial hemp seed. This protocol is as follows:

      1. Producers complete an Industrial Hemp Research and Development application.
      2. Contained within the application is a seed order form.
      3. The seed order form must also be submitted to the Department when seed quantity and varietal intentions are determined.
      4. Order will be placed by the Department when all order forms are submitted for the season. This will expedite shipping and lower freight costs.
      5. Seed will be shipped to the Department Sparks headquarters.
      6. Once eligible, producers can opt to have seed delivered, or the seed can be picked up.
      7.  A chain of custody needs to be maintained at all times to ensure safe, legal seed handling.
      8. Any unused seed at the end of the growing season will be confiscated by NDA and stored in a secure setting. This seed can be used the following season.

        Cost Breakdown

        Producer Interest and Insight

        a. Becoming a member of the industrial hemp pilot program, under the direction of NDA, involves being methodic, informative, and time-cognizant. NDA has to meet certain demands with this program and that entails having ample time in order to carry out all of the necessary tasks involved with new producer registration. The following timeline is suggested for application submission and cultivation development:

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