Food and Nutrition Forms

Food Safety - Licensing and Permitting Forms

Distributor License Application

License Application and Instructions for Nevada Dairy Distributors

Distributor Licensing Requirements

Important Requirements that must be met by All Applicants for Initial Licenses or Amendments to Existing Licenses to Distribute Dairy Products in Nevada

Unit Cost and Price Filing Worksheet

Required by Nevada Revised Statutes to have current cost and price information on file before consideration of a license application.

Application for Permit to Handle Milk

Application for a Permit to Handle Milk or Milk Products

Application to Install or Modify a Milking System

Application to Install or Modify an Existing Milking System

Dairy Farm Application to Sell Raw Milk

Dairy Farm Application for a Permit to Sell Raw Milk for Pasteurization

Food Safety - Drug Residue Testing and Lab Survey Forms

Lab Survey Forms (2400's)