About the Division of Livestock Identification


The Division of Livestock Identification protects against livestock theft through recording of brands used by livestock owners in the state and brand inspection procedures which are required each time livestock change ownership, are shipped out of state or out of a brand inspection district, or prior to slaughter.


The Division employs P.O.S.T. certified peace officers who patrol roadways and are authorized to stop vehicles carrying livestock to check for proof of ownership and livestock health requirements. These officers also investigate livestock theft, losses on roads and railways and process estray livestock. The Division is headquartered in the Elko office of the Nevada Department of Agriculture and will provide information regarding recording of brands, brand inspections, or other related topics.

Schedule a Brand Inspection

For further information or to schedule a brand inspection you may call your local brand inspector or contact the Elko office at 775-738-8076.

Yearly Per Head Assessment (Head Tax)

Owners of livestock are required by state law to declare their livestock yearly and pay a minimal per head assessment to help support the livestock inspection program, which is responsible in part for funding inspections, livestock theft investigations, animal health monitoring and predatory animal damage control.