Applicant Information

The Nevada Department of Agriculture is the entity responsible for providing support to industrial hemp growers, seed producers and handlers. The Department will ensure that all seasonal trials abide by the standards set forth in Senate Bills 305 and 396, and the statutory obligations set forth thereafter (NRS/NAC 557). The following information describes necessary requirements that are to be followed by any program applicant:


    a. That any information obtained by the Department may be publicly disclosed and provided to law enforcement agencies without further notice to the applicant/registrant.
    b. That the Department may inspect and sample as the Department deems necessary and will have unrestricted access to all plant parts used for processing, cultivation or in storage.
    c. A law enforcement background check will be obtained, if deemed necessary.
    d. The applicant cannot have any variant of a criminal record related to possession, production, sale, or distribution of a controlled substance within the last 10 years of the date of application.
    e. Intended research purposes must fit approval by Department personnel prior to clearance for production.
    f. A complete application form must be submitted and approved by the Department prior to the growing and handling of industrial hemp.

      Certificate Categories Defined

      Grower Defined: A person who is registered by the Department and cultivates industrial hemp.

      Producer Defined: A person who is registered by the Department and produces agricultural hemp seed for replication.

      Handler Defined: A person who is registered by the Department and receives industrial hemp for processing into commodities, products or agricultural hemp seed.

      A registered handling facility is subject to testing requirements set forth in Nevada Administrative Code, Chapter 557 when manufacturing products intended for human consumption.

        Use of Seed and Variety of Selection

        Growers are not required to send seed to the NDA. The NDA does not restrict which hemp seed varieties growers can use. Growers assume all risk when selecting hemp varieties. Growers are encouraged to provide analysis reports illustrating the selected seed varieties have tested less than 0.3% Total Potential THC.


          Associated Costs

          Grower Certificate:
               -Application fee: $900.00
               -Acreage Fee: $5.00/Acre, or;
               -Square Footage Fee: $0.33/1,000 Square Feet
          Seed Producer Certificate:
               -Application fee: $100.00
               -Acreage Fee: $5.00/Acre
               -Square Footage Fee: $0.33/1,000 Square Feet
          Handler Certificate:
               -Application Fee: $1,000.00


          In addition to the application fees;
          -The applicant is responsible for inspection costs, at $60.00/hour/inspector for drive time, inspections, and sampling.
          - Mileage will be charged at the current IRS reimbursement rate. 

          -The Department may charge a fee for any analysis which it conducts. 
          Per NAC 557.130(5), the NDA laboratory processing fee per sample is $40. Laboratory processing fees are expected to increase to better reflect laboratory analysis cost.
          -Fees are determined based upon an approximation of the actual cost of performing tests.




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