Rangeland Health Program


What is the Rangeland Health Program? 

The Rangeland Health Program at the Nevada Department of Agriculture is new to the State of Nevada. The program’s objective is to assist landowners in developing projects and land management decisions that encourage economically viable and sustainable practices. This involvement promotes ecologically sound land management practices and an economically successful industry for future generations.

The program goals include assisting landowners with on-the-ground projects while teaching and implementing landowner driven monitoring and grazing programs, which return a benefit to livestock, the ecosystem (or the range) and wildlife in Nevada.

By achieving the monitoring and project elements of the program, the overall goal is to solidify the landowners’ and industry’s importance in land use decisions related to grazing management, endangered species and overall ecosystem health.  

Current Efforts  

  • Policy and Agency Process/Document Review 
  • Landowner/Agency Facilitation
  • Landowner Coordination for Monitoring Plots and Sage-grouse Habitat Rehabilitation Projects
  • Rangeland and Project Monitoring App development
  • Designing landowner focused monitoring and mapping coordinated workshops