Vertebrate Pest Control & Strychnine Availability


Vertebrate pests such as pocket gophers, ground squirrels and marmots can be detrimental to agricultural commodities throughout Nevada. Rodent burrows and plant consumption cause millions of dollars in damages to crops, irrigation systems, stored grain and farm equipment. In addition, vertebrates are carriers for numerous diseases that are transmissible to humans, pets and livestock. Common types of vertebrate pest control practices consist of exclusion, sanitation, trapping and different types of pesticide applications.


    The Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) and the University of Nevada, Cooperative Extension (UNCE) provide training programs for pesticide applicators to apply or supervise the use of Restricted-Use-Pesticides (RUP). For more information on becoming certified to apply RUP's, please click here.

      Strychnine Alkaloid Paste & Zinc Phosphide

      Strychnine Alkaloid Paste is a restricted use product for the control of pocket gophers, yellow-bellied marmots and ground squirrels.

      If you are interested in purchasing Strychnine Alkaloid Paste, please click here to access the order form.

        Zinc phosphide is also available for the control of vertebrate pests, please contact Jack Sengl, Staff Biologist, USDA APHIS Wildlife Services at (775) 851-4848 for more information.