Plant Industry - Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Bret Allen
Environmental Scientist IV (Environmental Services Supervisor)
Enforcement and Compliance  
(775) 353-3715
Derek Entz
Environmental Scientist II 
(775) 353-3717
Vanze Lum
Agriculturist III
(775) 353-3716


The Chemistry Lab provides pesticide formulation/use-dilution, Agricultural ground water, surface water and residue analysis. The lab also analyzes  fertilizers to determine nutritive content. Pesticides and fertilizers are registered through the chemistry lab.

Jian Zhang
Chief Chemist
Fertilizer Analysis  
(775) 353-3778
Sharryn Cohen
Lab Supervisor
Residue Analysis
Groundwater Analysis
(775) 353-3780
Robert Hunsberger
Chemist III
Chemistry Lab
Pesticide Formulation/User Dilution Analysis
(775) 353-3633
Allison Kosturos
Administrative Assistant
Pesticide Registration
(775) 353-3635
MEDIA CONTACT - Rebecca Allured
Public Information Officer
Office phone: (775) 353-3603
Cell phone: (775) 842-3530
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