Protocols and Thoughts on Insect Samples and Sampling

All samples submitted to the Department or from internal inspections or surveys will have a completed insect identification form attached to it.

Samples We Do Not Take

  • bags of vacuum cleaner dust
  • any samples of "things from my skin" must come through MD or Health Dept.
  • clothing with "things" in it

Rules on Preservation

  • Use 70% ethanol (ethyl alcohol) whenever possible.
  • Never fill the vial more than 1/2 way with specimens or materials.
  • Host (what the specimens were collected on or where they were collected) should always be filled in if known.
  • Unless otherwise noted, always sort specimens from material and preserve before submitting.
  • Remember that samples submitted on tape may get a limited identification.
  • Unless otherwise noted, always collect a minimum of 10 specimens, the more the better.

Rules on Shipping

  • See individual groups.
  • All samples should have absorptive tissue wrapped around the vial, the slip is then wrapped around it, then enough material to pack the vial tightly in the mailing container.

Preservation/Collection/Shipping Requirement for Various Groups