Plant Industry - Pesticides

Product Registration

Beginning January 1, 2014, there is a $125 per product registration fee for Pesticides being registered in the state of Nevada. Along with the required sum there is also a registration form that must be filled out. A label for each new product must accompany the form, please send only new or revised labels. Please note: In Nevada, when you register any new product and it is both a pesticide and a fertilizer, it must be registered at the same time, as both. There is now a penalty clause in the registration laws. Products must be registered before they can be offered up for sale within the state. If you have further questions regarding pesticide registration, please contact Allison Kosturos at (775)353-3635 or by email at

Restricted Use Pesticides

Restricted Use Pesticide Dealers License

Application for Dealers to sell and/or apply Restriced-Use Pesticides. If you have further questions regarding restricted use pesticides, please contact Ruth Tietjen at (775)353-3633 or by email at
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