Pilot Program Information




The Industrial Hemp Pilot Program was developed in order to assist with advancing the knowledge base and increasing awareness of industrial hemp production in Nevada. This program is a product of U.S. Farm Bill, Section 7606 and Nevada Senate Bill 305. Intentions of this program are to illustrate the benefits that can stem from industrial hemp cultivation in Nevada and to provide producers with the ability to diversify crop growth and determine the capacities of industrial hemp. This program is exclusive to research and development intentions. Producers that have followed proper protocol and have been deemed eligible to produce may participate. This entails submission of an industrial hemp research and development application, obtaining approval concerning research intentions, payment of all relevant fees, and willingness to participate in all of the Department's imposed regulations.

    Industrial Hemp Research and Development Requirements

    In order to participate in the NDA's pilot program for Industrial Hemp Production, the following research requirements must be maintained:
    a. Research intentions must be viable
    b. Research must be used to further the understanding of industrial hemp growth
    c. Certified seed must be used in order to participate
    d. All requirements set for by Senate Bill 305 and  U.S. Farm Bill, Section 7606 must be followed
    e. The applicant will provide a current law enforcement background check.
    f. Applied fields and associated plant matter is available for inspection at all times

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